André Filur

Exhibited in Brazil, Canada, United States, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Japan, Taiwan & Finland

André Filur is a multi-disciplinary artist who is always in quest of exploring new media and techniques – from illustration to graffiti and sculpture. Seeking to rescue his ancestry and to portray lived feelings, André Filur researches Brazilian popular art and its mysticisms, with an emphasis on São Francisco frowns, ex-votos, symbologies of African and indigenous origins with a contemporary look.

From these references, André Filur has a strong relationship with his dreams in which many of his works manifested themselves first. The image, title and choice of colors are already presented to him in this intimate relationship with the holistic universe, already anticipating the developments for projects and exhibitions.

In this relationship, André Filur's works are a new way of merging contemporary issues and materials with their own mythologies, re-signifying iconography and building new symbols, creating a new popular and sacred imagery.

Exhibited works

    BrArte Gallery
    SP Gallery House
    Perspective Art
    Hotel Pullman Vila Olimpia
    Leaf Gallery
    Piola Warehouse
    National Ensemble
    Caza Zero
    Gallery House
    L'Oeil Gallery
    GranLoft Granja Viana
    Wear Leaf
    Subprefecture of Cidade Ademar
    Lux Art Space
    AVA Gallery, Finland
    Ibirapuera Park
    Aterro do Flamengo
    Italian Ministry of Tourism
    Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo
    Graffiti Gallery
    Plexi Gallery
    Campos Art Gallery
    High Design Home & Office
    Slab 795
    Art Battle Brazil
    Festival Ala Blanca Guanajuato, Mexico
    Hotel Quality Faria Lima
    Atelier 397
    Atelier Ale
    Victor Civita Square
    Marte Cultural Center, Uruguay
    Collective Art Brewing, Canada
    EU Art Gallery
    Cosmos Gallery
    Oswaldo de Andrada Cultural Workshop
    Army Historical Museum and Fort of Capacabana
    Farroupilha Park


    Gold Medal 33rd Salon of Plastic Arts of Arceburgo Archburg Historical & Cultural Institute (Brazil, 2019)
    Trophy 31st Hall of Plastic Arts of Arceburgo Archburg Historical & Cultural Institute (Brazil, 2017)


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