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Our shop offers a broad catalog of exclusive artworks.
Updated regularly, our website ensures to display our artists’ latest creations.
Painting – Sculpture - Illustration
Unless specified otherwise, all paintings are done on canvas.
They are shipped rolled up except if produced on a non-flexible support.
Limited Edition Prints (numbered and signed)
Do not hesitate to specify your favorite number when ordering – if still available we will ensure to pick it for you.
All prices include shipping costs. However, in case of custom taxes, those will be at your own expenses.
All original and signed artworks are delivered with their respective certificate of authenticity.
Do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to order a dedicated and personalized creation or series

Give a new life to your environment

Urban landscape
Why leave a blank or ageing wall while you could bring colors into the city. Street art embellishes the living environment of the local population and attracts tourism which dynamizes the local economy. Our artists have been painting walls of all size all across the world with a sharp expertise and understanding of the city' identity and personality.
Office design
Do all walls need to remain white or would it bring an extra life to your office to have walls dedicated to your business identity? From a meeting room with a specific theme to a collective space relaying corporate values, ethics or brand recognition - personalizing your walls will enhance the sense of belonging of your employees and break with the monotony.
Business storefront
Did you know you could attract new customers even when closed? Taking care of your storefront is an efficient way to inform about your business' specificities and identity. You could as well upgrade your business appearance to trigger the interest of new visitors and clients.
Home design
Why not decorate your garage door which gets sad when raining? Why not paint a wall in your living room or bedroom? Our artists will beautify your love nest according to your interests and needs.

Enrich and strengthen your brand identity

Trust our savoir-faire to coat your logo, create your next campaign’ visuals or contribute to your upcoming products’ design.
Our artists have collaborated with global major brands and institutions including:

Educate and cultivate

Our artists have many stories and adventures waiting to be shared – with the purpose of educating about social and environmental challenges.
We offer various formats adapted to the audience you wish to target – from highschool’ students, to a company’s collaborators.
Conferences / Open-tables
Creative ateliers
Collaborative murals


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