Exhibited in Brazil, United States, France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal

Enivo is the story of an alliance which took place in 1998 between visual arts and a 12-year-old boy from the Grajaú favela in São Paulo. From the moment he grabbed a spray bomb, it was sealed that Enivo would leave his mark on the city’s streets.

Street art was the ideal way to materialize emotions and give life to ideas while constantly mutating toward a new self in a changing environment. Enivo does not only bring colors and aesthetics to the neighborhood he crosses - he brings authenticity, pluralism and humanism.

Enivo is a symbol – of hope, of peace – that honors the heritage of a black community which has been for too long suffering from discrimination – that honors the heritage of indigenous and native peoples who are too often forgotten. He is a symbol that spirituality and humanity can combine to shine.

In 2012, he co-founded the A7MA Gallery at the heart of the Beco do Batman (São Paulo) which it contributed to transform into one of the world’s street art capitals.

Under the guidance of the curator Simon Watson who represents him in the other side of the Atlantic, Enivo has grown significantly in both Americas – integrating the collection of American collectors with over 175 artworks in 2019, being exhibited at the Museu de Arte Sacra of São Paulo (2021), the Museu Nacional da Republica in Brasilia (2022) before joining the United States to present its new series at the Kates-Ferri Projects in New York and take part in a collective show at BG Gallery along the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Exhibited works

  • Artivistas - Paris (2024)
  • Grand Rapids, ArtPrize 2023 - Michigan (2023)
  • Taking it to the Streets incl. Keith Haring & J.M. Basquiat – BG Gallery - Santa Monica (2023)
  • Eyes of the Street – Consulate of Brazil - New York (2023)
  • Braza - Kates-Ferri Projects, curated by Simon Watson - New York (2022)
  • Naluta Nalata - Museu Nacional da República (MUN), curated by Simon Watson - Brasília (2022)
  • Afeto - Museu de Arte Sacra - São Paulo (2022)
  • Chromatica - Miami Wynwood, curated by Jade Matarazzo – Miami (2022)
  • Fluxo – A7MA Galeria - São Paulo (2022)
  • District13 International Art Fair, Hôtel Drouot, curated by NAGA Collectivo - Paris (2022)
  • Esperança - Museu de Arte Sacra, curated by Simon Watson - São Paulo (2021)
  • Museu do Futebol - São Paulo (2021)
  • Trophy Design – MTV MIAW TRANSFORMA – Mexico (2021)
  •  Stroke Art Fair Munich - Germany (2019)
  • Bienal Internacional de Graffiti Fine Art - São Paulo (2019)


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