Exhibited in Brazil, France & Germany

Lobotex is a tornado taking us to an alternative dimension - a tsunami that deconstructs the world as we know it. Lobotex is an eruption of ideas - a flood of emotions.

Understanding the law of the cosmos results in understanding the work of Lobotex - nothing is chaos as all elements stand where they should while coexisting harmoniously.

Lobotex has grown up in São Paulo which - like all megalopolis - is characterized by the abundance of visual, sound and olfactory information. Our senses never rest. Wherever you look, your eyes will systematically catch a new or repetitive information - whatever the time, your ears will never rest - whatever the place, your nose will always discover a new smell or meet a familiar one.

Lobotex captures with perfection those feelings and, like a city, never ceases to evolve. Inspired by a variety of movements from the depth of expressionism, the implicit of abstraction and the spontaneity of street art - he depicts a world made of shapes, words, colors and perspectives which make us travel from one emotion to another - though always with a sensation of escape and safety.

The legend states that no one has yet managed to go through the numerous details on his creations - each day our eyes catch a new element that had been seen the day before.

Lobotex is now a respected and well-admired artist across Brazil - and one of the prestigious A7MA Galeria's leading figures.

Exhibited works

  • Auction - Tajan ft. Drouot - Paris (2024)
  • Group Exhibition - Casa Cor Ribeirao Preto (2023)
  • Solo Exhibition - Insolito - A7MA Galeria (2023)
  • Solo Exhibition - Ludus - Galeria MIU (2022)
  • Solo Exhibition - Ludus - A7MA Galeria (2022)
  • Group Exhibition - District13 International Art Fair - Hôtel Drouot - Paris (2022)
  • Solo Exhibition - Todo Espaço Reserva Seu Canto - A7MA Galeria (2018)
  • Collaboration with the Street River collective - Belém (2017)
  • Residency - Zona Autônoma Temporaria (2016)
  • Mural - Noite Illustrada - Prefecture of São Paulo (2016)
  • Solo Exhibition - Espaço - A7MA Galeria (2016)
  • Mural for the Prefecture of São Paulo (2015)
  • Solo Exhibition - SuperNova- A7MA Galeria (2015)
  • Group Exhibition - BiPolar - Berlin, Germany (2014)
  • Book illustration - A Saga de Whiter by the poet Bruno Pastore (2014)
  • Solo Exhibition - Guia de Lugares Impossiveis - A7MA Galeria (2012)
  • Uma Cidade Mais Colorida - 8 walls on the Guarulhos' Prefecture for the Funcultura Incentive Law (2008)


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