Exhibited in Brazil

Drawing for as long as he can remember, Meio Killo started in 2014 with graffiti as his primary form of expression – using the streets as his main canvas. Though his curiosity led him to explore other techniques among which painting on canvas and animation.

His universe is recognizable through his characters who always have a gaze anesthetized by reflection and a rectangular green nose on their faces – all evolving in a surreal, humorous and poetic atmosphere. Meio Killo aims to create a playful and reflective world where simple scenes from everyday life can turn into reasons to smile and reflect - focusing on human diversity, he captures the essence of characters immersed in emotions as diverse as melancholy, hope, loneliness, fellowship, joy or monotony. Meio Killo shows to name his main protagonist Valdir – a name commonly used in Brazil which Germanic roots wal and dir respectively refer to power and people. Thus, as a powerful person, Valdir leads the scenes and orchestrates their depth along his journey.

Exhibited works

    Habitat Onirico • Shoppinh D • São Paulo
    O Amanhecer de um Gênesis Futuristico • Linha Amarela do Metrô • São Paulo
    Cooletivo • BrArte Galeria • São Paulo
    StreetArt Fest • Beco do Batman • São Paulo
    Traço das Ruas • BrArte Galeria • São Paulo
    Barriz • Vismoart • São Paulo


Street Art
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