Minas Halaj

Exhibited in USA, UK, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore

Minas Halaj was born drawing – growing up within an artistic family, creating his own art world was all he could think about. Over the years, his curiosity and ingenuity led him to explore all kind of medium through a large palette of materials – including recycled and vintage clothes or textiles. Higher education gave him the tools to perfect his techniques - after graduating from the Yerevan’s University of Fine Arts in Armenia in 2002, he moved to the United States to study at the University of Art in San Francisco.

Minas Halaj’s style is characterized by the aesthetic fusion between classical and contemporary influences. His compositions are complex – offering a symphony of colors and textures to marry harmoniously his realistic figures with surrealistic elements.

As the artist says it himself : “The concept of beauty is a burdened one – living in a society fearing its adoration in contemporary art while intimidating its women into accepting it as their highest value. We have degraded it in mass media and the celebrity yet revere it above all other qualities of life. Beauty is a double-edged sword, an instrument of seduction and inaccessibility burdened by an overwhelming distrust in the simple sensation of pleasure.”

Minas Halaj’s beautifully intricate art has been featured in nearly 50 contemporary art exhibits around the world, with many pieces joining high-profile international collections such as Morgan Stanley Headquarters in New York, Sony Music Headquarters in Beverly Hills, PepsiCo Company Collection in Dubai, and Princess Anita Of Hohenberg Collection in Vienna, It has also been collected by several museums around the world, among which the Mark Rothko Art Centre Daugavpils, Latvian and Mākslas  Museums and the Bakersfield Museum Of Art.

Exhibited works


    Art Miami Fairs – Retrospect Gallery – Miami


    Floral Mind DTLA – Ren Gallery - Los Angeles
    Understory Telluride – June Mixx Art Projects – Colorado
    London Art Fair – London
    AAF New York – NYC
    Mind – Turner Barnes Gallery - NYC


    Context Art Miami – Miami
    AAF Stockholm – Stockholm
    Hong Kong Art Fair – Hong Kong
    Hampstead Art Fair – London
    Constructed – Saatchi Art – Santa Monica
    Retrospect Galleries – LA Art Show – Los Angeles

Prior to 2018

    Singapore Art Fair – Singapore
    Art Basel SCOPE – Miami
    Fresh Faces – Saatchi Art – Santa Monica
    Floral Minds – Main Street Gallery – Washington
    Tracy Park Gallery - Santa Monica
    Herbert P. Gallery – Hollywood
    Christianne Engs Gallery – Hollywood
    ArcLight Theatre Gallery – Hollywood

Key Collectors

    Pepsico Company Collection - Dubai
    Princess Anita Of Hohenberg Collection - Vienna
    Victor Drai, Hollywood Entertainment director - Los Angeles
    Joseph Reap, Morgan Stanley Headquarters - Manhattan, NYC
    Elizabeth Turner Ottosen Collection - Basel
    Scott Bernstein Sony Music Headquarters - Beverly Hills
    Nersesian Collection - NYC
    Maia Neumann Collection - Nice


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