Exhibited in Brazil, Argentina, France, Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain and Germany

NININ was born in Argentina where he started painting at the early age of 12 at the atelier of artist Marta Miliani where for eight years he grew as an artist by learning classic and contemporary techniques.

In 2012, he held his first exhibition at the Monaco Art Gallery - leading him to then exhibit in Brazil, Uruguay and France where he chose to settle in 2014. This was the start of his Street Art adventure after meeting with local urban artists in his Parisian atelier.

His technical pallet grew further with the integration of stencil and wooden sculpture. Ninin started to be part of Paris' urban landscape with his easily identifiable style.

"Ninin has been using the walls of European capitals to express his critique of the American colonization by reviving symbols, semantics, legends and myths from his Latin roots. He likes to refer to it as the "cultural counter-colonization."

Ninin's graphic universe combines pre-Colombian references from South America with contemporary attributes such as Pop Art and Art Brut. He invites you to a cultural journey which reinterprets and revisits iconic European and North American oeuvres with a traditional South American identity.

Exhibited works

  • Contracolonia II, Galerie ERBK, Paris, France (2022)
  • Contracolonia, Galerie WAWI, Paris, France (2021)
  • Young Artists Cordoba, YAM Gallery, Paris, France (2019)
  • Les Distiques de Ninin et Rasto, YAM Gallery, Paris, France (2018)
  • Urban Art 17, City Hall, Paris, France (2017)
  • Collective Gustavo Farias Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014)
  • Arte Punta, Hotel Conrad, Punta del Este, Uruguay (2013)
  • La Vida Misma, Monaco Art Gallery, Cordoba, Argenina (2012)


Street Art
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