Exhibited in Brazil, France & the United States

Inspired by the emergence of the urban movement that took place in São Paulo while growing up - SergioFree has played a key role in the flourishing of graffiti and pixação in the streets of São Paulo. He is now a respected figure of the street art movement across Latin America - with international exposure in the United States following his exhibition at the Off Basel in Miami in 2019.

SergioFree 's iconic clown character can be found on the walls across Brazil - walls that he reproduces as well with a fine brush on canvas to the point of creating the illusion of a photographic background.

Through his colorful and lively clown, he awakes our inner child to catalyze the contrast with the difficult street' reality, marked by a poisonous violence and ubiquitous poverty.

Lately, SergioFree has been focusing on expanding his pallet of characters to depict a full ecosystem where our childsould and imagination are confronted to the social reality to which he is highly sensible.

Exhibited works

    "Moments de Vie" - Le Cavalier Bleu - Paris (2023)
    "Veredas" - A7MA Gallery - São Paulo (2022)
    "Marginais Influencers" - Galeria MIU (2022)
    District13 International Art Fair, Hôtel Drout - Paris (2022)
    "Identidades" - Farol Santander - São Paulo (2022)
    Make Up Your Heart 2021- Orane - São Paulo (2021)
    "Da Agua Pro Vinho" - A7MA Gallery - São Paulo (2020)
    360° Virtual Exhibition of the Collective "Rule of Three" (2020)
    "Do Lado de Dentro" - Centro Cultural USP - São Paulo (2020)
    Off Basel - Art Design Gallery - Miami (2019)
    "Antropics" - Alma da Rua Gallery - São Paulo (2019)
    "A Preciçao" - Casa Jacarepegua Gallery - São Paulo (2019)
    Urban Art Show - São Paulo (2019)
    IV GFA International Bienal - Graffiti Fine Art at Galeria Marta Traba - Memorial da América Latina - São Paulo (2018)
    "Alternative Society" - Alma da Rua Gallery - São Paulo (2018)
    "Bazar Ativismo" - Alma da Rua Gallery - São Paulo (2018)
    "Meio Fio" - Do Beco Cultural - São Paulo (2018)
    "Pocket" - Alma da Rua Gallery - São Paulo (2017)
    ""Expo da Rua para Rua" - Quadra dos Inquebraveis - São Paulo (2017)


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