Wira Tini

Exhibited in Brazil

Wira Tini, born Sarah, was recently given her new name by the Kokama people (Amazonas) – connecting to her origins and roots. Meaning “White bird”, it well defines her wish to “fly” for discovering the world, honoring her people and spreading her personal history.

Living in Sao Paulo, Wira Tini portrays the culture and experience of the indigenous population of Brazil – sharing her roots through the graffiti movement flourishing in the metropolis. Pioneer in the urban art scene in the Amazonas, she was the first woman to hold an international festival focusing on women from the Northern region – the Graffiti Queens Festival (Sao Paulo) and the Yapai Waina Festival (Amazonas).

Wira Tini is a spokeswoman for indigenous rights through her brush and spray cans – paying homage to her people’ rich and fascinating culture.

Exhibited works

    Graffiti Queens Festival, Sao Paulo
    Festival International Yapai Waina, Amazonas
    COP26, Switzerland
    Project Liberdades, Supremo Tribunal Federal, Brasilia


Street Art
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