Exhibited in Brazil, Spain, UK, USA, France, Germany, Switzerland

Zezão began his quest to conquer the underworld with graffiti in São Paulo in the 90s. Inspired and motivated by the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Zezão believed it was his right to depart from the well-trodden paths with his art and to explore new avenues. Working in sewerage systems, drains, the rubble of abandoned ruined buildings, dilapidated blind alleys and dark spaces below viaducts, he drew attention to a cityscape whose existence many people could barely credit. 

Some time later he broadened his activities: taking everyday objects from the trash to give them a new existence by inventively assembling and painting them. Even now, for his wood collages he uses objects found in the street such as pieces of lumber used for barricades in São Paulo, or creates the foundation using old “treasures” like mirrors, trays, car doors, bedsteads... 

He always leaves his trademark on the dilapidated, isolated surfaces - his blue, abstract signature derived from the word “vício”, meaning “addiction”, and thus delves into what appears to be true life. He brings to light what would remain ignored without his art, what nobody wants to see. In this way he uses delicate tints and shapes to descend into a chaotic underworld, invading the subterranean space, and by contrast revives its raw walls in a subtle, quintessentially blue presence. 

Art close to trash, dead dogs and broken pieces of furniture, at the margins of society – Zezão inspires dialogue between the underworld and the surface, to get talked about. 

Wherever trash (Brazilian: lixo) needs to be turned into luxury (Brazilian: luxo) – this is where Zezão’s work comes into its own. It contains political and social messages and ones which relate to the environment. Through its connection with dilapidated neighborhoods, derelict buildings, contaminated water, smog and filth, violence, or the recycling of discarded objects, his art makes a critical statement about these diverse problems of the city. At the same time important debates on issues such as sustainability and recycling are kindled.  He has already had numerous exhibitions in his home country, Brazil, in particular in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. His graffiti also adorn walls, sewerage systems and viaducts around the world. Places in which he has exhibited in the past include Brighton, Florenz, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Prag, Wuppertal...

Exhibited works

Solo shows


  • Walking Blue • Anno Domini Gallery • California


  • Muito Além das Palavras • Montana Gallery • Barcelona


  • Über Wasser • Rondell • Kassel


  • Todo Fim é um Recomeço • Overground Art Gallery • São Paulo


  • Zezão • Zipper Galeria • São Paulo
  • Conexoes • Galeria Athena Contemporânea • Rio de Janeiro

Prior to 2014

  • Restrospectiva Zezão • Brasilea Stiftung • Basel
  • Lembranças de um Passado Adormecido • Galeria Athena Contemporânea • Rio de Janeiro
  • Além do Submundo • Galeria Athena Contemporânea • Rio de Janeiro
  • Variaçoes Urbanas • Galeria Choque Cultural • São Paulo
  • Cidade Limpa • Galeria Choque Cultural • São Paulo

Collective shows


  • Brasilea & Laufen • Paulo Coelho & Christina Oiticica Foundation • Geneva


  • Instruments of Change • Fullerton Museum • California
  • Lax / Ord II • Vertical Gallery • Chicago
  • Lax / MSY • Red Truck Gallery • New Orleans
  • From Basel to Brazil • Miami Design • Miami
  • Lax / SFO : Third Time is the Charm • Heron Arts • San Francisco
  • Revestir • Transamerica Expo Center • São Paulo
  • Linguagens Urbanas • Galeria Ricardo Von Brusky • São Paulo


  • Laufen Project • Stiftung Brasilea • Basel
  • Millerntor #8 • Millerntor Gallery • Hamburg
  • 12th Scope Basel International Contemporary Art Show • SCOPE Haus • Basel
  • Pow! Wow! • HoMa – Honolulu Museum of Art • Hawaii


  • Unique, United, Unstoppable • Urban Nation Museum For Urban Contemporary Art • Berlin


  • Amor ao Publico • MAR, Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro
  • Conexoes • Galeria Athena Contemporânea • Rio de Janeiro


  • Transformaçoes • MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo
  • Indoor • J.B. Goldenberg / Galeria Fibra • São Paulo


  • Millerntor • Millerntor Gallery • Hamburg


  • Street Art Brasil • Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
  • Overtime • Heliumcowboy Gallery • Hamburg
  • Urban Masters • Opera Gallery • London
  • Street Art • Von der Heydt Museun • Wuppertal
  • Fuera de la Linea • MACRO, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Rosário
  • De Dentro para Fora de Fora para Dentro • MASP, Museu de Arte de São Paulo
  • São Paulo mon Amour • Maison des Métallos • Paris
  • Une Estivale • Galerie LJ • Paris
  • Fresh Air Smells Funny • Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Museen • Osnabrueck
  • Fotografica Coleçoes • Galeria Luisa Strina • São Paulo
  • Cor da Rua • O‘ Contemporary Gallery • Brighton
  • Munny • Galeria Plastik • São Paulo
  • Ruas de São Paulo • Jonathan Levine Gallery • New York
  • Ruas de São Paulo • Memorial da América Latina • São Paulo

Media coverage

  • Abstract Graffiti • Cedar Lewisohn • 2011
  • Street Art: The Best Urban Art from Around the World • KET • 2011
  • This Is Street Art • Gary Shove • 2011
  • Trespass: A History Of Uncomissioned Urban Art • Carlo McCormick • 2010
  • The Beautiful Renaissance: Street Art and Graffiti • Gary Shove • 2009
  • Street Art: The Graffiti Revolution • Cedar Lewisohn & Henry Chalfant • 2009
  • Paris Street Art • Prestel, Romuald Stivine & Vito Del Forte • 2008
  • Street Renegades: New Underground Art • Francesca Gavin • 2007
  • Paris Street Art • Prestel, Romuald Stivine & Vito Del Forte • 2008
  • Graffiti Brasil • Tristan Manco • Thames and Hudson • 2006


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