By NAGA Collectivo on 25.11.22

ZIV Gallery, Sao Paulo

The presence of women in places where they did not belong a few years ago can be transformative and revolutionary. Anyone who knows a little about the world of surfing knows how sexist and oppressive this environment can be for women wanting to start the sport from scratch.

FERNANDA YAMAMOTO was inspired by Sapê Beach in Ubatuba, characterized by the female solidarity and network to train women of all ages and surfing levels around the spot. Focusing on their common love for sport and honoring a mutual respect for the sea and its ecosystem.

Surfing there every week, FERNANDA YAMAMOTO never witnessed a conflict – on the contrary she noted women celebrating each other’s waves, exchanging tips, and encouraging one another. No feeling of competition, Sapê is a place of celebration and share.

The Sapê series is inspired by this experience of surfing among women while capturing their captivating and individual stories. FERNANDA YAMAMOTO depicts the way sport can gather a rich pallet of personalities, differences and aspirations around a common passion and common love for the nature.

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