NAGA x District13 at Hôtel Drouot

By NAGA Collectivo on 23.11.22

We had crossed the month of September on our agenda to finally make our first public appearance and introduce to the public a pallet of our artists from the other side of the Atlantic.

Coming back from Brazil in August with 30 paintings enrolled in a PVC tube and ready to be framed at Marin Beaux-Arts – our initial bet to exhibit exclusive creations was successful – not without stress but certainly with passion and excitement.

On September 14th, the Hôtel Drouot opened its doors for the District13 International Art Fair to get started along with the 36 galleries which had joined for the occasion. NAGA Collectivo was surely the most recent “newborn”, proud to contribute to the event with established galleries among which the Lavo/Matik, Urban Gallery, Galerie Mazel, Vangart and Bahia/Utopica.

At the stand 14B, next to Art’Murs and facing Albin Michel Editions, we were waiting for the visitors to discover our world and travel across Central & South America through the works of some of our artists:

  • Argentina with NININ who created for the occasion a tryptic summarizing his first series “ContraColonia” aiming to highlight the negative impact of modern colonization on indigenous and native peoples.
  • Mexico with ATENTAMENTE UNA FRESA with a series of new prints on canvas combining her mastering of colors and her acrobatic esthetics.
  • Brazil with the presentation of three generations of street artists – starting with the master TINHO and his iconic doll, PAULO ITO who depicted a Pinocchio as an implicit statement against Bolsonaro’s lies, SERGIOFREE through his sensitive and humoristic way of capturing the energy of the city, ENIVO & ALEXANDRE PUGA and their connection to the people, TCHE RUGGI with animals shaped through his geometric identity, LOBOTEX and his abstract and cosmic atmosphere, and last but not least KUEIO along with his naughty and hyperactive rabbit.

For the occasion, SERGIOFREE had depicted a piece of the Beco do Batman in Sao Paulo on which ENIVO, PAULO ITO and KUEIO added their “street art” – instead of a picture, we chose to use painting to gather different styles on a single canvas.

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