PAULO ITO – Você Trabalha ou Só Pinta?

By NAGA Collectivo on 16.03.23

PAULO ITO’s new series of cartoons was exhibited at the Museu do Trabalho from September 27th to October 23rd – offering a mix of formats from illustrations to large paintings, he also used the walls of the museum as his own canvas.

Paulo Ito has been a reference across South America in his way of dealing with relevant topics affecting the current society, especially of Brazil where Allan Sieber defines him as “a rare chronicler of urban life“.

Street art is for him a medium to connect everyone, no matter their social or cultural backgrounds, to his messages, with always the same purpose – highlighting with humor and sarcasm what’s wrong in the world.

Painting the city’s walls to celebrate the health professionals in the middle of the pandemic, or to warn about the excess of alcohol’ dangers or to denounce the budget invested in the 2014’ FIFA World Cup while children are starving across the country – Paulo Ito could not hide even if he had wished to as his style is unique and easily recognizable – while people dream about superheroes in movie theaters, Paulo Ito is one in real life, roaming the streets to inspire passerby for a society with more common sense, goodwill, equality and solidarity.

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